448. Parrots

I was going through some reference pictures of parrots for a cartoon that is coming up. I just googled, sketched and had fun. Now that I had my a-ha moment with watercolors, I decided to color two. The pictures were done without erasing a single line (not even the pencil). So I first started out with a 6B thick graphite, used a 02 Micron to ink, and after that splashed some watercolors on there. It was kind of scary as my new preferred method uses a lot of water and I was afraid the paper would give in or warp really bad. But Moleskine is a bit more expensive for a reason, it always holds up.

The last sketch are two seperate birds that I just did quick, but the heads ended up close to eachother by accident (there was not much room left). The overall composition was nice enough to develop further so I used a thinner 6B pencil for the finer details.

The cartoon I need to draw does not require this level of parrotty detail, but I was in the Sunday chill zone, and kept on sketching.

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