446. Groundhans Day

It’s not often that the team I draw cartoons for, actually come up with an idea for me to draw. It is always nice to not have to think hard for a change and just focus on the creative process.. It is also limiting in a way as it takes away a step in my rigid 446 days old routine. Think hard, visualize.

The team wanted me to visualize the scene of “Groundhog Day” where Bill Murray smashes on the alarm clock every day waking up on the same day. So I sketched this in my moleskine book. After that I used Gimp to add transparency layer. I left that layer mostly intact and visually embellished it from that point on in Autodesk Sketchbook.

The original picture that was sent to me was this one, small but it sufficed with some partial other pictures of the clock for me to get a good grasp on what it looked like, and the challenging part was of course the smashed look.

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