445. Damage #marchofrobots

Todays #marchofrobots2019 prompt is “Damage”. There are plenty destruct-o-bots in cartoon series, but I started at the essence that the bot on it’s own looks harmless, but they can just get angry, and hurt you. So I researched some cute tiny bots and took those as base for the drawings.

I stayed in my comfy-cosy environment of my Moleskine sketchbook, and applied the same abundant water technique as I used on previous drawings. It worked out well although the paper is not suited for a lot of water and it absorbs too quickly.

But since the drawings on it’s own were not too complex I decided to draw not one but two damage inflicting artificial lifeforms this morning …. 💣

The drawings are made with a Croquis H and regular 6B pencil for emphasis, and I used a Micron 05 for most lines, and Micron 01 for the hatching.

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