444. Shelter – #marchofrobots2019

The regular prompt was “cars” and because I am always fascinated with abandoned cars, wrecks and not the flashy and shiny models, I looked up a couple of car wrecks and started sketching.

But due to meeting overload yesterday, the sketching had to be done this morning and it didn’t really work out well. I reverted to a prompt of the #marchofrobots2019 challenge. Today’s prompt was shelter.

Hence the idea of a robot hermit crab was born. I tried to make its shell a hodgepodge of plates welded together, forming his shelter. As this had to be done in about 25 minutes left in the morning I did not have time to get more details in there.

I started out with a 2B pencil with big tip, then outlined with a regular 6B pencil and traced the lines with a Micron 04 and Micron 02 for the finer lines and shadow hatching. I did use the Sakura grey brush pen to indicate shadow in a more conservative manner.

Hatching in even lines is tricky. What helps for me is the same approach as riding a bike. Do not look right what is in front of you, look in the distance, kind of beyond the object that you’re hatching and trust that your pencil will stop on the right moments not to overshoot the lines you are hatching between. This is still sometimes hit or miss, but it is easier that forcing your eye to keep looking at every individual line.

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