443. Dune

As a child I watched the movie Dune, and was very impressed by the sand worms. Gigantic monstrosities, that would just snap out of the sand unexpectedly. When I read today’s prompt I just had to look them up, as a dune landscape on it’s own, did not sound exciting to me.

I am getting more comfortable with watercolor and the Sakura Waterbrush. It dawned on me when I squeezed harder, lots of water came out, which allowed me to play with the colors, and introduce more smooth gradients. The top of the drawing was done without wetting the paper first. I just used the water brush to introduce water as I went along. It might not give the smoothest gradient, but for a desert where there are lots of sans particles in the sky, I didn’t think it was needed.

I sketched up some concept worms during my lunch break, it was a close call which one I would develop further. I went with the more meaty fleshy looking worm as it looked more intricate and muscular. The bottom right worm was cool as I love the darkness of it’s mouth, but gave a more artificial feeling to it.

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