442. Spicy Food

Today’s prompt is “Spicy Food”. I thought it would be funny to let the food (or the spice) be suffering for the spicyness that they are. The cartoons are a product of a few sketches (below) to get ideas, but also trying to be more loose and playful. As both objects are fairly simple to draw (I used a Sakura Brush pen), I really wanted to focus on the color. That is one thing that has been bugging me, staying on the analog medium. The colors often look flat, and I wanted to examine why. The answer here is in layering watercolors. I noticed yesterday that layering multiple times over dried colors, does indeed make them more vibrant, and that is what I was looking for.

The bathroom calendar this morning said;

And rightfully so. To come up with some ideas, I took about 15 minutes of sketching time relaxing and just analyzing peppers, ideas, and spicy foods. This not only gave me a clear insight on what defines a pepper, or when in the moment, let the ideas just come to me. I had a first concept of the hot sauce sketched up, and wanted to do something with a “spicy chicken” but decided against it.

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