441. Sunday Show And Tell

This is a semi urban sketch of an old pumping station on my regular dogwalk in the weekend. It’s been there forever. It is actually boarded up heavy heavily ruined with graffiti. But that does not look nice on a photo. I took a photo on this drizzly day and drawn it at the comfort of my desk enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee.

I am still working on my shadows, light source and density of it all, but this picture already looks more vibrant than my previous one.

This is my first drawing with a dip pen, which I used to have for the longest time 20 odd years ago when decent waterproof pens were too expensive, or a pain to work with. I went out yesterday and bought real Indian ink, and a cheap dip pen. If you want to mind your budget, this beats a Micron marker set. However, I did not buy it for the cheapness of it. I just love the freedom it gives, the loose strokes and I am not sure but I think it keeps up better after watercolors. It is also a test that if I ever am going to buy a Fountain Pen with waterproof ink, that I will use it, as the nib is identical.

Using this dip pen brought me back to my younger years, and time just flew by. I will be using this pen a lot more, it just feels more mindful than a Micron marker.

Next, I will invest in getting watercolor paint in tubes, as it makes blending much more easy than mixing it from my sakura paint kit, which means transferring paint to a mixing pallette instead of smearing it inwards and blend.

Credits go to Peggy Habets Studio

Oh and a big thank you to Cyberlink PhotoDirector for it’s ability to remove objects from a drawing. There was a big blot of Indian ink on the drawing (comes with the danger of using a dip pen) and I could digitally remaster it by just pointing to it and let it figure out what would fit best there.

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