440. Medieval House

I am trying to get better drawing houses and architecture in general. Not strict but in a playful manner. This is also the first time I used Ultramarine Deep as “cold shade” over the colors I used for the roof and side of the house.

The reason why the paint is so messy, is totally related to the Sakura Koi brush pen. I think it lost it’s elasticity. It is hard to color and get an even look, just like regular brushes do. I also didn’t want to apply too much water as I was working from my sketchbook instead of watercolor paper.

For the days I can work on my urban sketching abilities, I will most definitely use a Sakura Koi water brush, but for indoors I will stick with the regular ones for now. The colors might look a bit messy, but I am happy with the line art, as perspective and architecture in general always has been difficult for me.

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