438. Apples

I never got so upset at an inanimate object as last night. I don’t believe printers should have a brain. Mine sure does, as all it likes to do is think about printing. When I give it a simple command to print, it has to really think hard about my request. It makes a lot of noise, grumbles, the whole desk shakes it stands on, to the point where the Windows driver for the printer just gives up and says the printer is “busy”. No kidding, I can hear that. It literally took 10 minutes to print a version to trace on watercolor.

The prompt for today was apples. You can do traditional fruitbowl paintings, apple parts, or a sneer towards Apple. I decided to just sketch some apples, and try mind the shadow and texture, as there is nothing much going on with an apple, it is a round shape.

The initial idea was drawing a worm jumping into an apple, ready to dive in.

Instead, I kept it simple a simple line exercise, and focus more on the watercolor. This time I used regular watercolor brushes instead of the Sakura Koi water based brush, which gave me a more “even” look to the texture and allowed me to play around with it a little bit.

Here are some rough sketches from my sketchbook.

He is a happy worm, having a whole apple for himself.

I did not bother with making the sketch very detailed as the line work was not complex, I could just stick to a thicker sketch pen.

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