436. Personas

Personas can be perceived in many ways. One way is to describe a character, from a movie or book, another is to describe a trait. For example a person with a specific role, like a designer, doctor, software engineer or end user of a software product. They help in visualization who the key actors are from a business perspective.

When I was thinking about personas, and doing some rough sketches it occurred to me that one unwritten rule is that they almost look like a dress up doll. They have the same face, nose, eyes or posture but the type of hair, clothes, gender or other external attributies like glasses or what they hold or wear identify the essence of the persona. Often they are also drawn flat, 2D with minimal shadow or details.

I thought it was funny to just choose one group and draw two identical “personas” with one trait, being a serial killer. It sparked ideas to draw personas of our development team, but I don’t know if I have the time to do that in the near future.

Here are some test versions of different personas I found as reference, during my coffee break. I can see those being useful if exported in as vector graphics where a base figure can be “dressed up” to use as a stock set of roles.

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