433. Study Saturday – Dogs

Yesterday I decided to have a lazy “stay in Saturday”, it was raining and we were binge watching a series on Netflix. As time progressed my motivation on drawing the doggo we were supposed to on Study Saturday, just dissapeared. It was not prograstination, but just taking it easy.

This morning I decided to first pencil the drawing with a Croquis type H, and go over it with a type 6B. It allows me to be more in control about the initial setup and since it was an unfamiliar one, it helped to pencil down the outline, with minimal erasing, and made the finish part more pleasant and mindful.

If I could change anything about this drawing, I would have liked to emphasize the short legs and pudgyness, but I am happy with it overall.

Here is one sketch of a labrador that I was drawing on my coffee break, I drew three more but they turned out as deformed pitbull-rats.

It’s all about proportions. Somehow drawing lately was hard but I forgot the first rule, draw everything in proportion and relative size. Make sure that the main parts of the subject match up and build on that.

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