432. Contemplating Cyborg

Sometimes you just have to sit and think. Like what to draw as the first sketch in a new Moleskine? There was no time for anything elaborate as I did not prepare, I did not have an idea, but at the same time felt the empty page stare at me, begging me to start with something big, as it is my new sketchbook after all.

Then I realized, what makes this page so special of all other pages besides just being the first one? Nothing. I picked up my sketch pen, sketched up whatever came to mind staring at some reference pictures, inked and used my Sakura grey brush pens to add some values. I rushed the darks and made a mistake which turned out worse when trying to mask it, but such is the fate of sketches that have no undo button. I used a little bit of watercolor, knowing this paper won’t hold a lot and tears easily, it just for emphasis.

But I am glad to have a sketchbook again. I might do some more for this Free Draw Friday, or just continue with the next prompt, hopefully finding a peaceful moment at work on my coffee break to sketch for 15 minutes. Taking a creative break does more than spark ideas, it is a moment of peace on a hectic day that reduces stress. One could say “to contemplate”.

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