431. Sea Monsters

It is weird, running out of space in your sketchbook just when you want to start drawing a sea monster. I made some scribbles and sketches of part of monsters and wanted to incorporate them into one monster. It felt for a moment like I was lost when there were no more pages.

I decided to grab my tablet, and an old weathered tablet to use for reference photo’s. I laid down on bed and sketched up a plesiosaurus. Although extinct, a genuine sea monster in my eyes.

Sketching in Artflow is remarkably similar to sketching on paper. Sometimes I hit the limit of the pixel depth especially when the tablet is in a locked zoom mode, but it will do. When satisfied enough, I shared the PSD with Dropbox, and left it there for tonight.

In the morning I fired up Sketchbook Pro, and finished the hatching, and added some highlights. I ran out of time to make the glare in the sea more fluent, but it does the job to direct light from above and give the illusion of water. I used a regular brush and strokes from the top right corner to the bottom. I added a bit of blur to eliminate the hard edges of the light source.

This drawing taught me that the environment of a drawing is just as important as the subject, and it might be something I want to work more on.

Oh and I will be running to the office supplies store to get myself a new moleskin today or tomorrow. For now I brought my tablet to work to draw, but nothing beats doodling on my coffee break, preferably not staring at yet another screen.

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