430. More bats

Today’s prompt was “thispersondoesnotexist” which gives you a random computer generated image by GAN (Generative Adversarial Network). It is scary stuff to see how realistic these mixed and matched faces are. A computer generating a person that literally does not exist. The author put this algorithm online to create awareness how easily photo’s can be faked nowadays, as anyone can compose a fake identity on social networks, or conjure up situation photo’s that are hard to verify.

My intention was creating a caricature (you can see her little head just below the lowest bat), but after the third agonizing attempt I just ran out of time, to retry again this morning. It is weird how I used to be very good at this, had no trouble with noses, eyes and mouths whatsoever. It feels like someone else in my past drew those caricatures, I sure lost the muscle memory to do it. Most likely what I try to achieve now in 40 minutes, took me hours in the past.

So, instead I decided to just ink over the rough sketches of the bats I did for Man-bat, the previous drawing. They turned out nicer than I expected without erasing a single line. I was afraid the Croquis 6B heavy graphite lines would interfere with the Micron markers but no, it just adds a final touch, a nice finish, which is good to know.

The bats were intentionally left cute, as that is how I see bats. Cute flying creatures. Not vampires of doom.

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