426. Desert

This is day 2 of #marchintolandscapes which I will follow along when I can, and work on my painting skills as time permits. It is always fun to get better in landscapes. This is the promptlist, made by fellow SketchDaily artists @kpurru and @twistygoldfish.

This drawing is a watercolor remake of an old digital drawing I made on 27th of June 2018. This was a digital version of the Ubari Sand Sea. For this watercolor version I tried to really wash out witout wetting the paper first, and just build on layers. I made a small error with the first two palm trees as I did not saturate the brush enough. Also the picture is small so it was hard working on minor details. But I feel confident and I will try to work on all these skills during this month.

Here is the original drawing I once made.

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