419. Study Saturday

This is my first “study” on half toned paper. And of course it was a complex subject of a motorcycle. I really like the ability to put highlights down as well as shadows and that the paper is actually somewhere in the middle.

I bought this particular type of “recycling paper” or as the title says “Mal- & Zeichenpapier”, grey 100% recycled at least 3 months ago, I just didn’t muster the courage to start my first drawing on it.

What I learned is that the contrasts need to be more diverse. I used a 2B pencil and that is just not giving much of the dark tones as I expected. I might even go as far as using a pen and apply highlights from there.

But at least I lost my “fear” of trying this medium. I was not sure how much this paper would hold, but it is remarkably good. It is forgiving when erasing, I would even say more forgiving than regular paper because it’s already toned, so smudges do not really show.

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