418. Dairy Cow

Bella 1255

It feels good to get in the flow again. It even feels like this forced mini break did me some good. I actually felt kind of reluctant to get back in the saddle, fearing it would not feel the same, and I would not yet be up to par to do it.

Ok, it was just a minor flu, but once you step away from a routine that has encompassed your life for 415 days, it feels like dropping in a void and questioning everything. It also coincides with me not checking social media as often anymore. I do this to let my thoughts and creativity resurface again. Being connected 24/7 and checking stuff on your mobile numbs the mind. There is no time to think.

It had fun sketching these bovine beasts, we have plenty of them in the Netherlands. Lots of produce, milk and dairy. We also have the good cheese, made in Gouda.

It’s a pity I did not have space enough on this page to contine with the legs, now it looks more like a dog-cow hybrid.

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