414. Pokéwhat?

I seem to be suffering from sketch-goro-phobia lately it seems. I don’t really want to leave my sketchbook. I have been posting a lot of sketches lately, and not so much finished drawings.

This morning I was trying to push the limits of what it can hold, without reverting to transferring the sketch by default to watercolor paper.

And it seems to be doing pretty ok. I have a decent Moleskin and when I bought it, it was a bit pricy. I remember the clerk telling me, “Are you sure you need this? It is expensive”. But this is definitely worth it considering it sketches great, it can hold pen markers without bleeding through the pages and even a light watercolor wash. Why was he even forcing his opinion on me anyway?

The end-result in the book looks more ‘mat’ and not glossy. This is because the paper absorbs the watercolor more than the more specialized paper which will leave it up there like a little film. So I had to increase the saturation a bit more.

Up to today’s prompt. We were supposed to draw a Pokémon based upon a very weird (I assume) generated prompt.

Load with cannon gas. There is no harmful hand. Each hand has three fingers. The leader is surrounded by two arms and three guns, and his eyes are separated by the ancient triangle and youth. Gas made from similar languages ​​in long languages ​​and languages. His body is thrown into his mind.

Yeah right. I just went with it and the triangle and hands were all I could put in there. Semi-kawaii but that is all the time I got (because I spent too much time on yesterday’s Barn.

Here is a warmup section of … heck I don’t know.

It looks like the character of The amazing world of Gumball actually.

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