413. Alt-alt theme – Montana

I am very bad in coming up with ideas. I don’t know why. It has to spark enthusiasm, or a goal. The Sunday show and tell prompt implies I am an artist, I have a huge portfolio, or I am working on stuff during the week that I can just pull out of a magic hat. Unfortunately I am quite busy. Most of the housework falls on my shoulders and I try to claim me-time by drawing. That drawing is mostly in preparation for the next prompt.

I hope when the summer comes along and the weather is nice enough to go outside and just observe and draw, that I can fill those idle times with a tiny A5 sketchbook and just doodle.

But today actually worked out well. I spent a long time on this watercolor only painting. My wife loves old barns, I love the scenery. And yes some work did not got done today but it just needed to be done. Painting is just a black hole of pure bliss. You get sucked right in. Paint until it’s as good as it gets. That’s why I can’t do it so often. But I sure want to do it more.

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