411. Yeti Of Climate Change

Yesterday I bought a BIC Criterium 2mm 2B pencil. It is mechanical but not with thin graphite, but relatively thick (2 millimeters). I like the Croquis sketch pencils but the 6B is too big for small details, and the Croquis H is great for outline sketches, but I missed something in between to emphasize with varying thickness. I was Valentine shopping for my family and I thought, why not.

Picture from penstore.com

I got carried away last night test-driving this pencil, but the end result was too abstract to call it a drawing. So, this morning I browsed through my sketchbook and my eye fell on my Yeti’s that I studied for post 394, young yeti yelling. I did not share those yet. However in that set there was one face I liked, so I drew another Yeti.

The concept grew as I was drawing, brainstorming. He was walking, OK. Holding what? A knapsack, why not. Why? I guess he’s migrating. There was no real reason behind the concept. But he looks disgruntled, and moves on to better places. Maybe climate change related?

This time the sketch did not leave my sketchbook. I used a Micron 03 for the initial inking, but redid some with a Micron 05. I also used the Sakura grey brush pens to emphasize some of the fur and shadows.

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