410. Love Cliche

I came across the term “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Although it is not strictly used for cliche expressions of love, it is related to it. If you’re going for that one girl or guy, and dedicate yourself to him/her, the pain of rejection is significant. It can also get ugly and turn into stalking and a restraining order.

With stores putting Easter merchandise in our faces from the moment Christmas was over, I could not help associate this day with Easter a little bit, hence the choice was simple. Cute chicks, eggs, sorry no basket.

As for my (only) feeling related to love when I was making this drawing, picture this… A hectic working day where the windy vortex of panic smashed into the wave of anticipation and got reduced to smithereens by the daily grind. I needed a break. I went downstairs to not be stalked or stared at by colleagues (usually they are just interested what I am drawing, but it distracts). I sat on our far too uncomfortable couches and just started sketching. Letting the stress ooze away.

It is rare that I actually like the initial sketch better than the ‘transplanted’ version. However when I was transferring this sketch to be traced I failed to capture the furry look, the cuteness, and “just the right lines”. Maybe my heart wasn’t into this routinely process yesterday evening. The watercolor prepped pencil sketch stared at me this morning and I just couldn’t feel it. I left it.

So, I worked some more on the pencil sketch version. I emphasized, erased, and just left it at that.

That is the beauty of doing it in phases. If the original sketch is great, you’re presented with choices. Just leave it there, or improve on it. If I stuck with digital I might have went all the way and lost the original sketch and I would have regretted that.

As it is right now (and I am going to blog some time about the flow of my work) this is my schedule I usually stick to during workdays.

11:20 am

  • I post the Sketchdaily submission on Reddit
  • I create a new note in Evernote with the next prompt and drawing number

3 pm

  • Coffee break time, I sketch references, ideas in my sketchbook (usually in isolation)

8 pm

  • I transfer the sketch to watercolor paper or digital
  • In case of watercolor I usually enlarge and tweak proportions before I print
  • In case of digital, SketchBook Pro is prepped for morning so I don’t lose valuable time
  • I might trace the sketch if I anticipate coloring or inking will take up most of the time

9-10 pm

  • I write a concept text for the drawing in the Evernote app to make up my blog text

6 am

  • After my second cup of coffee and newsbinging, I put on relaxing music and finalize

7 am

  • I post the picture on Instagram after finalization
  • When time I copy-paste the blog text on WordPress, this can also be done anywhere before 11 am

11:20 am

  • Rinse, repeat (see above)

This rigid process has been going on for a few weeks but gives both structure and relieves stress. They are small chunks of work, I have time to catch up, and manage to draw every day for 410 days now.

The benefit of sketching in my Sketchbook first, is that I learn the topic, my creativity sparks without thinking so much about the end result, and there are choices along the day. Just sketch and leave it? Watercolor? Ink it? Digitize? Or leave the sketch and just restart with the insights that I learned sketching the topic? This process works well for me.

Oh and by the way, Happy Valentines Day!

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