409. Snakes and/or Snails

There is something funny about snails, especially their goofy sticky eyes. I tried to portray the tiredness of the long journey that this snail is undertaking.

I always wondered why snails come out when it rains, and decided to look it up.

Snails are similar to amphibians in that they breathe through their skin (though they also have gills or lungs). Under dry conditions, they seek cover to combat desiccation. But when it rains, they “come out,” just like many amphibians.

I guess I have to revise the story I told my daughter. I always assumed that they ate or licked nutrients or algae from the pavement stone. But indeed, frogs are notorious for popping up too when it rains, I always have to keep my dog away from them on our daily walk.

About the process.. I think I found the limitations of the Sakura Brush Pen. Don’t try hatching or arching. It never works. Outlines are fine. Large areas of black work great, but even enlarged about twice the size it is hard to work fine strokes. Luckily I retouched it with a Micron 03 to limit the massacre.

Here is the original sketch, again a one off, done in 5 minutes just before I went home from work. If you get no time for a coffee break, you just have to stop working a bit early. As you can see the eyes are not perfect and I got rid of the big chin.

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