408. Sugar and/or Spice

In my bachelor days, I never was a spice guy, nor a good cook. The world tasted bland to me for the longest time. When I started to live on my own I always panicked that the recipes were not precise enough. How much spoons is a splash of milk? What does a dab of butter and a drizzle of honey actually mean? Do I need to use a measuring cup for that? If the recipe wasn’t set in stone with accurate measurements chiseled next to it, I was afraid I would ruin my dinner and burn down my kitchen in the process.

Luckily that is all in the past. And most of the herbs I now use are passed on through recipes my wife knows, and it took me a while to combine my own to great taste and satisfaction. Rosemary, sage, thyme go well with chicken. That is my favorite combination. Rosemary also goes well with beef. So here is a rosemary leaf.

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