406. “911, What’s Your Emergency?”

As mentioned yesterday, today was going to be an elephant commission. I started this more alert than I expected around 6 am in the morning, but needed several tries to get the pose right. It is supposed to look like a reference picture, but the original elephant (excuse me, colleague) was supposed to hold a phone. That is difficult for an elephant so I made the operator wear a headset.

I tried something different. Instead of tracing this drawing with a blue color, I colorized the sketch in Gimp. This effectively does the same thing but takes one step out of the equation. If you are curious how to do this in Gimp, select the menu “Colors | Colorize …” and the following dialog appears.

Select a hue that is close to blue (or any other distinctive color) will make the black pencil strokes stand out when tracing these. By reducing opacity of the layer it will become easier to ink it digitally. Of course, the original drawing started out in my sketchbook.

Sorry about the stains. I just started drawing on a page in my sketchbook that had some color tests on it when I was coloring the other page.

Inking is now easier, and looks like this.

I partially erased the blue in an attempt to leave some messiness in the drawing, but that did not really work out.

This is now my preferred method of digitizing. It reduces the work with one step, I can go straight to the final pencil lines. One slight disadvantage is the inability to use the original sketch as part of the drawing as you can see there are too much blue artifacts all over the place.

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