404. Inspiration Not Found – Free Draw Friday

These aliens were drawn about 4 days ago in my sketchbook and I decided to digitize them in Autodesk Sketchbook. As I had to do four of them, they are not elaborate or fine grained in detail, but it was fun to do.

Originally I wanted to do them in ink, and I did draw three of them. But, this time (as I noticed yesterday) I would like to try inking first and then apply the masking fluids. Well that did not quite work.

As you can see, the ink is dissolved and smudged. It also shows that the paper is slightly affected by the fluid, it can actually tear which ruins the texture. I was not expecting this. It kind of puts the masking fluid on it’s place or I need to find a better brand of paper (or fluid). It is good to find this out on a not too complex drawing. If it would be a very intricate piece, I would not be very happy about this.

Sofar he fluid works, for smaller (not yet inked) details, not so much for large areas. I might solve this ink problem by using a pencil and emphasise the outline better but still leaves me with a warped surface to ink on if I still want to outline it.

Here is the end result of the ink drawing, as you can see it got completely ruined.

This concludes the experiment. I was not feeling any inspiration after this, so I digitized the goofy Aliens, and finished them, which just not felt the same as having a piece of paper in front of you, but retracing them again was no option at that time.

One thing that excites me though is that I can sketch in my little book practically anywhere, make a lot of doodles in a very small period of time (they take 5 minutes max a piece). When I am uninspired to actually come up with new material for the SketchDaily prompt, or I want to develop them further, I can easily transform them on any medium I want. When the goal is to sketch daily that is a plus. I do not have to follow the prompt and can work on several pieces at the time and hopefully broaden my skills more by stretching out the effort on a single piece in multiple days. We’ll see how that goes.

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