403. Character Week – Love Interest

It only seemed fitting to copy the iconic spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp. I did not know what a “love interest” was, until I Googled it.

This is my first time using masking fluid in a half-attempt to make the background look equal without worrying about the figures in the front. I don’t even know Steve’s girlfriends name. Let’s call her Eva.

Mistakes were made. I started out with the Windsor & Newton masking fluid (that stuff reeks) and a used brush, but I did not ink my lines first out of fear they might fade by the masking fluid. In result of that I might have masked out more than I wanted. But I had to wait a night to see how big the damage really was, as I did this in the evening.

It really looks gross, and for sure I thought I ruined the paper on his head, but part of it peeled off again going over it a second time. This dried overnight, but I don’t think that was even needed.

In the morning I made the background, used a fan to dry although it did not turn out as smooth as I wanted it, the process of making it look even was nicer without the constant fear of shooting over the parts you do not want to touch.

As you can see the peeling off goes fairly easy. No rubbing just peeling the masking fluid. But, as you can also see the head and some other parts were too covered leaving white where there should have been black.

I’ve learned that I should ink first before applying masking fluid. If I ink after the watercolor it is hardly visible where the ink must go. It resulted in guesswork on the drawing and I lost some minor details I wanted to have preserved. Also the warping of the paper made inking very hard.

I’ve learned a lot and it is cool to use masking fluid, especially when backgrounds need to “pop” more without feeling restrained in the finer details (for which I probably will buy a masking pen).

Here is the sketch as it originally was set up.

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