402. Character Week – Favorite Place

What is Steve’s favorite place? Where does a Martian want to be? There is nothing but dust, and sand and… hills.

If I were Steve, I would love to sled down Olympus Mons. This will be quite a ride as the the volcano is 22 kilometers high (13.6 miles), and the slope stretches a fair 550 km (341.7 miles). Considering the slope is at an equal angle, and of equal surface, and you sled with 20 km/h it will take you about 27 hours to reach the bottom. I hope Steve is up for that ride, and the sled won’t disintegrate of friction alone. At least he is enjoying himself, for now.

Here is the sketch. I wanted to get the background more prominent, but again, having only an hour to do this in made me cut some corners.

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