400.2 Character Week – Meet Steve

I jumped off the DnD challenge, straight into “Character week”. This is a contest to let your character evolve daily and you can follow the prompt. But at SketchDaily we like to do things just one week at the time, life is already hard enough, it should not be a monthlong struggle.

This is more in my comfort zone which I need at the moment, just as much as comfort food. I decided to flesh out an alien I drew earlier. He’s called Steve the vacationing Alien (with matching toe-slippers). He decided it’s time he acts like a tourist and visit Earth, which he only heard from in stories. He is not traced nor colored as I am doing this post in my allotted time in the evening.

As per usual on my coffee break I did some research and sketched up some Aliens. There are funny ones that I can maybe develop further when time permits. I do notice I am getting better at this Croquis thing although it’s not models they are accurate (and ugly) enough.

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