400. Closet Goblin

Here’s some goblin faces, and here are some closets.

And, I give up. The challenge is too hard for me as it is way out of my comfort zone, and requires me to put in an exceptional amount of time a day, which I just don’t have. I would love to put the effort in it, but I know it will be pushing myself too hard for a whole month, which I can’t do at this time.

It is like doing a commission every day. Imagine you need to draw something that you know nothing about, you only have an hour or so to do this in, and you still have to familiarize yourself with the subject, the looks, the style, and make a drawing on top. Nope, that’s too hard.

So, sorry for the guys at @dungeondrawingdudes, good luck to all exceptionally talented people who can do this. I will be hopping on the regular SketchDaily prompt, and if I can’t follow the character design week, I will draw whatever comes to mind.

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