399. Tavern – Gnome Style Buffet

This DnD thing is hard. It brings be back to the times where everything was hard and required a lot of doodling and sketches. Back then I did not see them as sketches or studies, I just saw them as failed attempts.

This might be one of the drawings where I liked the preparation more than the actual drawing. Which is OK, but it is hard to put my finger on what a Gnome actually is. Short, I can do that. The occasional beard, but I just tried to at least incorporate something of a clothing style.

It still looks like a dressed up garden gnome, but that might just be me. The reason why sketching gnomes yesterday was so much fun, was because I was not doing it alone. My daughter joined in, and we were sketching on the couch. Confined because I just mopped the floor, but cosy and fun nonetheless.

Here is the original sketch, I altered it slightly but I just gave up on the Gnome look, I hope hardcore DnD players are not offended (I never played it).

And here are some sketches kind of exploring faces and dresses and poses outside of my usual portfolio (which is not big when it comes to drawing people).

And some hams, and other stuff. The robe I borrowed from this picture, I have to say the clothing DnD style is cool. Lots of things to try. One could get lost in endless avenues of imagination. I guess I think that is why DnD is so popular. The character can become an extension of yourself, having all kind of great adventures.

Each drawing did not take more than at most 5 minutes or less. That helps with trying to capture the essence of what you see.

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