397. Mr Ed

This is the drawing I started on the day before yesterday, and I decided to finish it, due to ill preparation for today’s prompt “Scenes from a Candy Shop”.

I was too tired yesterday to think about something, or even sketch. One of these days where even drawing is hard. I did draw something small for my daughter, and I will post that in the future, as it shows a nice progression in my work and even has a nice story to it.

I feel I have hit a creative wall. I have three competing styles. Cartoon drawing, urban sketching, watercolor painting, and toss in the occasional portrait drawing. All of them did not progress the last year (and one month) as fast as I would have liked, but this probably has to do with the limited time a day I have to draw. I value ‘me’ time, but there is almost no possibility to work on something bigger and more elaborate that does not feel rushed, where I can sink my teeth in for days, something that makes me feel proud and gives me more than a sense of ‘accomplishment’.

It will probably balance itself out, but it is interesting to know how professional artists deal with this.

As for Mr. Ed, I loved the rerun of that show when I was a kid. Wilburrrr, Wilburrr!

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