396. Sonny’s Halo

OK I have to admit, because the SketchDaily early prompt reference link was broken in the EU, I improvised my first drawing. I started on a Horse (a Horse of course) which I will share some other day, maybe. I did buckle up and started drawing horses in my Sketchbook at a more comfortable hour this time. Our assignment was drawing a horse based on it’s name that won the Kentucky Derby. The list of all the names can also be found on Wikipedia.

My candidates were “Sonny’s Halo”, “Cannonade” and “Ben Brush”. For the last one I had in mind to blend a brush and horse into one. But I got hooked on this pose which looked the most like a horse. I worked on in my Sketchbook first, and digitized (and slightly transformed, for effect).

In hindsight, I like the original better, as the legs look too short now, but oh well. Luckily I still have this sketch. I also tried some sketches of Cannonade but dismissed that one.

As you can see I was still learning the basic anatomy of a horse. That is what I like about sketching multiple copies and not stick to one reference drawing. It teaches you a whole lot more. I try not to get discouraged by mistakes in proportions or setup, and just make the best of it. When the horse is horribly wrong I try to at least focus on a part that looks right so I can reuse it later. If I wouldn’t do that, the perfectionist in me would take over and I would never get one finished.

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