395. Zeldas

The prompt was Zelda Zooming by Zombie Zebra’s. When I finally got Zelda down, it was already time to stop. So just stuck with the Zelda’s .. Again it is nice to see the main features (elf-like, diamond diadem, etc) come back on most reference pictures I studied with. I learned that girl-like features are delicate to draw, it is either hit or miss for me (I won’t show the previous attempts). It might be worth drawing girls only for a week or so to get that under my belt.

Here are the original scans that I used to overlay. Unfortunately I ran out of time (with sketching and this morning with digital drawing), the intent was using a darker blue as described in the post Wonky Wombat and go from there.

Oh and why did I go for a Chibi zelda? I liked the way the running and panic is usually visualized, and hoped to get a scene going with Zombie Zebras. But when I started looking at Zebras, I got very discouraged with all the stripes and mental energy required to dive into another subject, that I just stuck with Zelda alone. Chibi nor Manga is my preferred style, but once in a while, why not..

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