394. Your Young Yeti Yelling

This was quite fun. I mentioned it before but sketching up Yeti’s and what makes a Yeti by just doodling on and on, gives me a clear impression of what all reference drawings have in common. Basically the Yeti is a scary large hairy beast, or morr recently a Yeti is  more cuddly, have big eyes and (more) friendly round teeth.

I went with the latter after sketching up 5 Yeti faces and poses. It needed to be a child, so proportions are a bit more condensed and the head usually is as big (or slightly bigger) than the body. I liked the hairy muscular arms and of course the feet need to be prominent.

So, this morning I sketched up the final version of the Young Yeti by just starting fresh and drawing from memory (keeping in mind all doodles I’ve drawn). This has the advantage that I can be creative and not constrained, and overnight, do not need a reference drawing at all to borrow characteristics which always made my drawings feel like they were “put together” meaning, not fitting completely as a whole.

Here is the original sketch from my sketchbook, that I drawn straight on watercolor paper with a lightpad.

So, one day short of the ‘Z’ here is ‘Y’. Your Young Yeti Yelling. I could have made the mouth more prominent and maybe use a tantrum pose, but considering this all is drawn in 40 minutes, I am not complaining. Great stuff!

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