393. Finch

I was collecting finches on the 18th, which most likely was for
Fancy freedraw friday frustrates flock of feeding finches. But I did not stick with that prompt. I just kept the finches as a reference for another day.

I started on this owl finch in the waiting room (waiting gets so much easier when you have something to do), as a rough sketch using my 6B sketch pencil, and I finished it this morning by using a B mechanical pencil (0.5 mm) to emphasize the outline.

I now notice that while sketching in my book and scanning it, I forgot to look at the separation of the pages. As this is the first time a drawing actually spans two pages, I hope I am forgiven.

Two more days to go in A,B,C prompt month, but quite honestly, I am looking forward to the more simple subject prompts. There is too little time for me to be elaborate these days.

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