392. A Wonky Wombat

I’ve drawn some Wombats in my sketchbook in preparation of the prompt “Wasted waiter washing a wounded wombat with water”. But these prompts lately are getting harder than Inktober’s prompts so I stuck with a wonky looking wombat.

Today I wanted to experiment with transitioning a sketch a bit more.

I did experiment with using blue digital pencil, towards an initial sketch finalizing to pen and color. This was after the initial sketch that I scanned from the sketchbook.

This is the original sketch, scanned and transferred from my sketchbook. Now it is not ideal as the cheeks are not puffy, the fur is not there, but it is a start. I liked the goofy eyes, so I decided to go with this one.

Next step was experimenting with blue pencil in Autodesk Sketchbook. I chose a blue hue, although it was a bit light initially, it did the trick to decipher what parts of the original drawing I visited and which I didn’t.

As you can see I worked on the cheeks a bit, the nose and trying to make the overall proportions look a bit better.

Using a blue layer and getting rid of the original sketch, makes the sketching easier, as I see what I miss, what I want to improve and what I leave as original. The blue stands out and can be easily erased if it is not what you want to leave in the drawing.

Autodesk Sketchbook can adjust a layer and for example, switch it to luminosity only which will only keep the value and not the color. That is what I used to keep as sketch and finalize the drawing.

Here are the steps in single pictures.

It is a cool technique. The steps can be separated as;

  • Transfer sketch to digital sketch
  • Use blue to trace the original sketch, making the original sketch layer less and less opaque
  • Draw over the blue with a separate layer to get the pencil stand out
  • Switch blue layer to luminosity
  • Color on a separate layer

It is quite a lot of work to do, but I like the end result.

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