390. Free Draw Friday – Meal cards

Oui Oui!

We always struggled coming up with a meal plan because we never took the time for it. Ever since I took up the habit of drawing meals we might have, it stuck better and we have fun coming up with meals by mixing and matching our ingredients. It gives me an outlet of drawing free hand without eraser and just see how my ad-hoc drawing skills are.

This drawing is “transplanted” again from the original meal card, to my watercolor sketchbook.

I have lightly penciled the original card, which I printed and after that I used a Sakura brush pen for the first time. I love the way it looks, it gives a messy but consistent look. I just need to learn to apply pressure on the right parts of my drawing.

Here are some other meal cards that I have drawn, it helps us to come up with hints of a meal plan and we recycle them if needed. The visual cue helps remembering the plan throughout the week. Even my daughter is looking forward towards meals she normally doesn’t eat because the drawing is funny.

Frozen Pan ready meals
Ginger Chicken
Hamburger + fries
Shoarma + pita bread / fries

And the last, the original French Toast card. I might redo some of these as a series when they are good enough to share.

Oui Oui!

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