389. U is for ugly cut

Talking about a freak accident. I put a package of sauce down, accidentally on the heft of a huge knife on the kitchen counter. The big chef’s knife pivoted and swung around up and cut up the flesh of my pointy finger knuckle on my right hand. So I am a bit drawing impaired with two band aids making sure I cannot move it or it will split open again. Drawing hurts, and I decided to go off prompt for a day and just draw my finger instead.

The cut was not long, it healed up quickly, but I am sure it went deep as the knife was quite heavy. I am telling you, for a split second it felt like I was in a horror movie as the knife just hit me so unexpectedly.

Today’s prompt was “ugly umpire undertake underwater udventure”. I’ve never been more glad that we near the end of the A-Z month. I do miss the regular subject prompts, although I did have an idea I wanted to draw, due to my fancy band aid impaired finger I was not able to go into finer details.

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