388. Two tapeworms talking trash

When I was a kid, I used to make a lot of cartoons based around worms having adventures. They were easy to draw for me at that time and I had a blast. I relived that childhood in an almost hypnotic state drawing tapeworms. I did look at ref pics for the general characteristics, but man, they are creepy looking!

The joke planned out the way I wanted, they surely talk filth.

Unfortunately, I seem to lose my own battle staying on paper. There is just no time to do it properly. Watercolor painting takes a lot of time, and if I would have drawn this on watercolor paper I first had to;

  • Sketch a crude outline of the cartoon (leaving lots of unwanted pencil strokes)
  • Emphasize the lines
  • Then copy the drawing, re-print it (if it would originate from my sketchbook which would have my preference
  • Trace it in pencil or pen directly
  • Watercolor it

If this is going to be the way I do it, I need to have the general drawing ready on sketch and printed preferably in the evening before, in order not to run out of time in the morning. I made the original setup in crude lines last night and this morning I did;

  • Finalize the lines (20 min)
  • Color the drawing (15 mins)
  • Background drawing (5 mins)
  • Finish (5 mins)

My trusty tomato timer was the timekeeper in all this and I stayed well within 45 minutes.

Coming Friday will be a watercolor day. And unexpectedly I do have a subject. Normally I don’t like free draw Friday, as I have to come up with stuff on my own.

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