386. Radioactive Rabbit

I have to admit, I misread the prompt and thought it said; “Radioactive Rabbit racing ’round home“. But it was “Rome“. Nonetheless I would not have mattered as I felt the same as the rabbit looks. Yesterday I did not have a clue what to draw, I even forgot the prompt. So I sat down at 9:30 pm (which is late for me), and sketched some rabbits just to get the general anatomy, and some fun poses to try.

This is the preliminary sketch in my sketchbook. This morning I decided to go digital. I had/have a slight headache waking up, and much light from a light pad or a natural light source did not sound appealing to me. So I decided to use a cool feature which comes with the Autodesk Sketchbook App called “Scan Sketch”. It allows you to photograph the sketch and remove the background leaving a crude sketch layer which is transparent. This can be used to improve on further. I used that feature to export the PSD to Dropbox and redrew the radioactive rabbit in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

Once again, it saves time. Unfortunately the ‘Rome’ part of the prompt is missing, but oh well. He’s just running home.

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