385. Copying a Koala

I finally received my Huion lightpad, and I was determined to try it out on a previous sketch I have made. It is exciting to know doodles can lead to bigger things with less effort, or like giving old drawings new life.

A few days back I sketched some Koala’s and one in particular was cute.

The problem here is, how do I get to transfer a sketch when it’s in a sketchbook that I can’t lay flat on a light table? It has sketches on both sides, and it would be awkward trying to align it. The answer was as simple as it was obvious. You copy / print it. This also allows for scaling to proper size.

I started with the Koala under the watercolor paper. As promised in the review, a fair 225 grams watercolor paper can still be put over the original drawing and traced.

This is how it looks when it’s turned off. In hindsight I might have just skipped the pencil and went straight inking, but that is an exercise for later. It saves for more time, and also does not tempt me to shade when the end result is pen anyway.

I am quite happy with the process. I regret not using a brush pen as I do like the strokes on my original sketch, it portrays more of the fur.

But, this light pad opens more creative avenues where concept drawings that are not completely up to par can be revisited on the proper medium and finished up.

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