384. Study Saturday

Today is Study Saturday. A weekly topic that is new on the SketchDaily forum. We get only one reference to study. What you want to study is up to you. I studied for 25 + 20 minutes, that is all I had in the morning.

I chose to study the impressive pose including highlights and darks in one drawing, the face of Muhammed Ali in the other, and a thumbnail sketch of the overall picture in the last.

With the pose study I learned I need to focus on curves, dynamics and proportions. Maybe exaggeration for dramatic effect. The body parts feel artificial when I draw them, and miss dynamics. I start with stick figure outlines but it kind of stays stick-figury. I need to ‘figure’ that out.

His head is a bit out of proportion, I missed the cheekbones and the nose is off tilt. I wanted to let the mouthpiece be prominent but was distracted by the rest being skewed, and I tried to fix that.

The overall thumbnail sketch was the most interesting. I seldom draw backgrounds but I noticed how much more of an effect it can give to let the drawing stand out. I also learned that drawing a thumbnail approximately 2-3 inches, allows for composition only. It helps in the beginning to frame your subject.

That concluded my Study Saturday. It is fun to do, and looking forward to the next one.

A little something about the process and recent setup. I am trying to stay analog when drawing. I do use an old tablet for the reference picture(s) which is so old that is all it can do, show pictures. No distracting laptop in the way making everything feel cramped.

If I want to scribble some thoughts, I write it down in my Rocketbook and scan it later. I come to appreciate that little (reusable) notebook, it will prove useful at work for note taking and scanning. These are my notes I took in between:

The notebook app that come with the Rocketbook is great, it recognises ##384## as and OCR’s it to the title of the document, and sends it right to Evernote, where I continued in that note to type out some outline (while waiting to get a haircut).

As you can see I also have a real Pomodoro timer now. I am planning to use it more often to time box my efforts, and in between I write down what I want to talk about. I find the whole process serene, just me, my sketchbook and a ticking timer.

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