383. Jabberwocky

I was kind of hoping to draw a rough sketch and trace it with my new Huion light pad, but alas, the delivery guy showed up when we were gone (they do have a weird tendency to do that). I decided to play with my graphite pencil some more and sharpened the tip a bit with a nail file. It still is hard to get fine details going so I concede, rough it stays.

I don’t know why I drew a Jabberwocky. I think during the times where the prompts were like ‘J’ is for … I looked up words with a J and landed on it. And the monster stuck with me for a while. Although not completely happy by the stick figure pose it has and the lack of fine detail, it is a good lesson where the Graphite sketch pencil begins, and where you should not use it for anymore.

I hope to get my light pad later today as I would like to transfer a sketch and see how that goes. But I won’t be bored in the meantime. Too much to do!

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