381. Nearly Nude Neighbors Netting Nuthatches

Word of caution, do not Google for “nearly nude neighbor”. Especially not at work πŸ˜“ all I wanted to find where people in average pose being a neighbor. But Google is not smart enough to read my mind yet.

I broke in my second 4art study aquarelle art pad, which is as you can see a cheap-ish spiral bound notebook (but has good quality paper). It’s about 5-6 dollars it has 20 sheets and I managed to get in about 29 drawings in my old one (so if we re talking budget here, about 18 cents per drawing).

I was going with a cheap artpad because I had no faith in my drawings turning out any good. But I am now more positive about them and next time I will get a nicer sketchbook (if I am not tearing out the papers and archive them somewhere else in the meantime).

Here is the first rough sketch (coffee break time again). I did not knew Nuthatches were birds, and I am so glad that they were (second thing I Googled, reluctantly this time):

A neighbor is behind a fence usually, so I took that as my main idea. Why chubby? Just because it looks more funny than an average guy. Playing with proportions is what cartoons are all about.

Doing the sketch thing at work, and taking the best idea and promoting it into a drawing made me look into different ways of how to effectively transfer drawings without redrawing a whole lot. More often than not I have been in need for a lightbox, as drawing a sketch a second time to ink it and apply watercolor is tedious, as that one minor stroke that makes the drawing feels like you’re copying a Van Gogh.

I used to transfer drawings like this this often in the old days, I even built my own lightbox (mind you, this is a picture from ~20 years ago):
My old worn and torn drawing board

I used this DIY lightbox a lot and I was proud of it. I regret tossing it out as it belongs in my personal museum. I will tell more about how I used to draw decades ago in another post sometime.

But a lot has changed in 20 years, luckily for the better. I looked into a Huion Lightpad A4 size and how good it would work for watercolor paper, which is thick. I came across a great artist on Youtube doing a review on just this model. It is thin, it is USB adaptable, and portable.

Shut up and take my money already! I hope to receive mine tomorrow πŸ˜ƒ

Anyway, it is great to be in touch with pen and paper again. I love the sketching and keeping them, as a permanent record of how I progressed and learned more and more about the subject. It really adds more than going all digital on which you do not study subjects so much, just try, retry, undo and try again.

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