380. Many Mermots Making Merry Music

I did some sketches of Marmots, they are funny chubby creatures. This is the first time I actually used all the greyscale brushpen I got for Christmas. I feel partial towards the result. I had to scan the picture to get the full contrast out of it, but I can most definately see myself using it for shadows and contrast. They lack the fine tip making it impossible to draw fur, only the highlights so I had to go over the end result again with a marker to get the accent of fur back.

Here are some sketches I did during my lunch break. I really dig this way of starting the prompt. I can study and learn a lot on my 15 minutes coffee break. The funny thing is, I had my coffee but again I did not touch it. Next time I will just sit and take coffee back to my desk so it will at least be warm enough to drink it.

You can see the first setup of the original draing above. Once again, I dig the sketch pen, you want to do details, but you just can’t, and that is allright. It is all about the pose, setup and essence of what you see.

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