379. Lounging Lizard In Luxury

30 minutes effort

This little guy seems to enjoy himself. This morning I decided having a longer meditation session (I use Insight Timer on Android) was more important than having more time drawing, the stress of the business was still oozing out of me.

Usually I have an idea what to draw the day before, but I went in blank. 6:30 am, 30 minutes before waking up my daughter, I started.

Drawing on paper takes a bit more finesse, especially when I want to color with watercolor. The quickest way to get progress is doing it digitally, despite of my attempt to stay on paper. It only works when there is time to prepare.

And yesterday there was none. Everything in the day was shifted it felt like aliens abducted us for 2 hours, and too much needed to be done. Let’s hope the prompt teaser we get today gives me enough to start sketching up some ideas to stay on paper.

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