374. Draw someone’s username

Oh technology, why do you fail me?

I started this prompt (draw someone’s Reddit username) yesterday on my coffee break, just as I envisioned doing so. Within 10 minutes I was interrupted, and that was the end of it. I didn’t even have a sip of my coffee, but that was OK.

This morning I continued with the intention to finish this sketch in Artflow but realized that the (paint) brushes are limited. In maximum size that is. I am also missing some blending effects which I came to rely on in Autodesk Sketchbook. Due to limited time I was forced to send my drawing to Dropbox, and open it on my laptop.

Right at that moment Windows welcomed me with a forced restart due to a firmware update. Just great! Continuing in Artflow to at least to tweak the sketch a bit.

When Windows was done doing it’s installation dance, I transferred it again to Dropbox, opened Autodesk Sketchbook, and suffered from a bug where the pressure sensitivity did not want to work anymore. Thick lines everywhere!


Plugging, unplugging, fiddling and finally, it worked. I finished the drawing in the 20 minutes I had left. It turned out alright. But in this case technology was not the easy path. It would have been faster if I could sketch on paper, somehow trace it, and stay on paper as it would not fail me, but only marginally slow me down.

But, I do like the ability to start working on a sketch during my coffee break. I can transfer it at least and continue where I like. It opens up possibilities to develop a drawing better than cram everything I need to do in 40 minutes or less.

If you are wondering about the drawing prompt, on r/SketchDaily we were challenged to draw a fellow artist’s username. I chose u/L_The_Banana_King. I don’t think I will be picked as my username is quite boring, but who knows.

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