373. G is for Gross bug

Note to self, do not start sketching whatever comes to mind late at night. I was just fiddling with the stylus, brushes and see what effect I would get using a pencil or ballpoint brush. Handy to know for future reference.

Then my hands started to draw a tentacle, and before I knew it, I was half way into a creepy gross looking bug-like monster, already drawing eyes too realistic. I left it at that as I was genuinely worried I would self-induce nightmares.

I picked it up again this morning as we are unprompted on r/SketchDaily, but have a letter for every day of the month to at least come up with something. I have to say this was not planned. It was work in progress. But, it is actually nice to have work in progress. If I have a couple of them, at least I can choose which one to complete if my imagination fails me.

Why a monster? I have always been fascinated with drawing monsters. I have like a few from back in 1996 (or around that stone age) that I found fun to draw. It has to do with the unpredictability of how a drawing is going to evolve not planning any of it. Again, something like a Zentangle approach but not really zen as you can see. This feels more like my mind was telling me something. I had to cast out this bug crawling in my brain, I am glad an unprompted day like today let me get rid of it.

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