372. Drums

Apologies for the messy coloring. I am still experimenting with the brushes in Artflow, and this was kind of a rush job. School and work has started again, that means I am yet again confined to my golden hour between 6 and 7 in the morning.

After drawing for 365 days and just continuing like it was any other day, the last week has been the toughest. The charm of working towards a big goal has worn off, and I am suffering a bit from choice overload. I have many styles, and now so many media to draw on, that in the end nothing seems to come out right. Either I choose the wrong medium, or I have no idea what to draw as there is too much I want to draw.

This is the second drummer drawing. The first one I will save for a rainy day. I had an ah-ha moment last night when I was doodling something without reference. Just go with your gut. Draw what you know. Experiment, that is where my passion lies.

I did look at some drummer references yesterday, but not today. And I decided to draw a child from scratch, without reference. It turned out nice, in the 40 minutes I had for it. And I am actually more happy with this one than the first attempt from yesterday although that one took me twice as long.

Drawing with your gut, not knowing where it ends sparked new creativity in me, which was kind of the message in the Zentangle prompt. Just start, with no idea where you end.

In 365 days I have drawn a lot from reference, developed my own style but now it is time to take it to the next level and only try to take the essence of the reference(s) I see, and come up with something that is me. Something I can get lost in while drawing.

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