371. Modernism In Architecture

I stuck with bad habits that I’m trying to get rid of. I went into details without sketching the big picture, I estimated perspective instead of looking at it as a whole. It makes the building look artificial, it lost the almost comic shape of the reference picture.

I’ll be honest, most modern architecture I find butt-ugly. I live in the town of Delft where great artists like Johannes Vermeer walked around. It originaed from the 11th century which means there is a lot of old architecture there. I am looking forward to this summer to rekindle some urban sketching aspirations.

But modern weird shaped architecture? No thank you.

I regretted doing this digitally. I was more curious to see how it would go than the outcome (like I said the prompt does not spark any love for me), and it seems to hold up nicely. But, for now I will try to use a 0.1 micron for thin lines only, and emphasize the building and the surrounding environment with watercolor, as that is the default mode I want to use when the weather permits to do some urban sketching.

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